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From the moment that the term of possession appeared, the management of the assets subject to possession has appeared as well. In this direction, different organizations also appeared to manage them. Therefore, it can be said that our General Directorate's history traces to the moment that public possession appeared.

 In Ottoman Empire times, while the operations regarding National Property were carrying out by income services, in 1909 the department of "Emlak-ı Emiriye" which was affiliated to then Ministry of Finance was established. 

After establishment of Republic of Turkey, the name of this department changed as "Emlak-ı Milliye". In 1929, with the law of 1452 the name was changed as "Milli Emlak" which can be called "National Property" (Real Estate). Afterwards, with the law 4286 this name has been changed as General Directorate of National Property. After 1942 national property directorates have been established in each city.

According to the Decree Laws No.178 and No.543, the provincial organization of General Directorate of National Property consists of National property services, National Property directorates and National Property Head Departments. In Ankara, İstanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Kocaeli and Adana there are National Property head departments under the head of provincial treasury. Property directorates under the head department also exist. In other 75 cities there are national property directorates affiliated to head of provincial treasury. In districts there are national property services under the district revenue officer.    ​